Episode 22: Drones in Public Service

Drones in Public Service with Garret BrylEpisode 022: Drones in Public Service

All too often these days, small unmanned aerial systems commonly referred to as drones, are getting a bad rap. Usually due to the actions of people with less than honorable intentions. My guest this week hopes to change that perception.

Garret Bryl is a software engineer from Joshua, Texas, just a short drive south of Fort Worth. Garret started flying drones a few years ago and soon realized that he could use these amazing machines to do something good.

Garret flies his drones primarily in public service – that is, assisting with search and rescue, firefighting, and person location. He and some of his fellow pilots have been instrumental in saving lives, protecting property, and even assisting in the capture of escaped convicts. Listen to Garret’s story now!

Garret’s Facebook Page

Garret’s YouTube Channel (A lot of great videos here)

News report on the Kastel rescue using a drone.


Episode 021 – Texas Things

Texas ThingsEpisode 021 – Texas Things!

Sayings, expressions, mottos, and other Texas things that the non-Texan might not understand or think strange!

But that’s okay, because Texas is unique in a variety of ways.  Listen as I tell a few tales about certain uniquely Texas things.




Episode 020 – Texas Wines with Jeff Cope

Jeff CopeEpisode 020 – Texas Wines with Jeff Cope

This week, we are talking all about Texas wines. For some time, the only recognized wines in the US were California wines.

In recent years, however, that has changed dramatically. Texas wines are now consistently sought after all over the world, and they are coming into their own right as a top choice of wine lovers everywhere.

TXWineLover.com’s Jeff Cope is my guest this week to talk about this great Texas treasure.

Jeff’s Website www.TXWineLover.com

Jeff on Twitter @TXWineLover

Episode 019 – BBQ Snobbery with Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn

Daniel VaughnEpisode 019 – BBQ Snobbery with Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn

Daniel Vaughn started as a Dallas architect, but began blogging about one of his favorite pastimes, barbecue. A passion soon turned into a career when in 2013 he went to work for Texas Monthly as the nation’s first and only “Barbecue Editor”.

Traveling the Lone Star State, Vaughn reviews establishments on the quality of the food and the atmosphere.

Where is the best Texas barbecue? How does a barbecue editor stay healthy eating it all week long? What is the proper way to spell barbecue/barbeque/BBQ/Bar-B-Q/etc.?

Listen to this episode to find out more!

Daniel on Twitter @BBQSnob

Texas Monthly’s BBQ Site

Episode 018 – Interview With the Martian – Sonia Van Meter

Sonia Van MeterEpisode 018 – Interview With the Martian – Sonia Van Meter

This episode I welcome back Austin resident Sonia Van Meter, who was selected as one of the 100 finalists chosen for the Mars One mission – the one-way ticket to the Red Planet.

Sonia talks about getting chosen, dealing with many media appearances, and responding to the naysayers.

Also we talk about Andy Weir’s book and the subsequent Hollywood movie ‘The Martian’.  But, Sonia really wants to go to Mars – and stay there.

Listen now to this great episode. Also, look back to Episode 12 if you want to hear the first time we visited.

Sonia’s Facebook Page
Sonia On Twitter
Official Mars One Website

Episode 017 – Storytelling with Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth EllisEpisode 017 – Storytelling with Elizabeth Ellis

Who tell stories better than Texans? Not very many. But imagine a Texan who tells stories for a living.  Elizabeth Ellis is just that – a professional storyteller. She is an award-winning teller from Dallas and she shares with us how the art of storytelling can be a full-time career.

Visit Elizabeth’s Website Here

Elizabeth on Facebook

Episode 016 – Historic Lyric Theater with Eric Evans

Historic Lyric TheaterEpisode 016 – Historic Lyric Theater with Eric Evans

I start off season 2 with an interview with Eric Evans, who tells us the story of the historic Lyric Theater in Brownwood’s downtown historic district.

This treasure of Texas history holds many memories and interesting stories, and you’ll find that in the short time that I had with Eric, many of those stories could not be told.  From stage plays to movies, and musicals to concerts, the Lyric stands after over 100 years, still serving the community with performing, visual, and musical arts.

Please feel free to learn more at:
or on Facebook here.