Episode 003 – Kathryn Jones

Kathryn JonesEpisode 003 – Kathryn Jones is a freelance journalist and author.  She has covered stories from the 1995 Mayfest Hailstorm in Fort Worth to the murder of American sniper Chris Kyle. She has written for the New York Times and Texas Monthly. Meet Kathryn and hear how she landed some of the biggest stories in Texas news over the years.

Episode 002 – Laura McClellan

Laura McClellanEpisode 002 – Laura McClellan – My guest this week is author/lawyer/mom Laura McClellan. Join me as we talk about productivity, juggling career and hobbies with family, and living in the Lone Star State.

Laura is a real estate lawyer in the Dallas area, mother of 5, dedicated wife of 30+ years, is currently writing a novel, and hosts a weekly podcast called The Productive Woman.

Episode 001 – Rodney Blaukat

Rodney BlaukatIn episode one, I interview Rodney Blaukat, author of the book Rocket Science Made Easy.  Rodney moved to Texas a few years ago, and his take on how people over-complicate things is humorous, yet spot-on.

Listen in today to find out more about this must-have book and its interesting author.

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