Episode 011 – David Werst

David and RamonaEpisode 011 – David Werst

I can’t say I’ve met anyone with more knowledge about Texas than David Werst.  A veteran of the newspaper business, David has been writing about Texas for decades. Enjoying time in Helotes, TX, now with his talented wife Ramona, David continues to entertain and educate about Texas on his blog, RealTexasBlog.com.  Join us as we tell a few stories about baseball rookies, and the difference between a taco and a burrito.

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Episode 010 – Tracy Pitcox

Tracy PitcoxEpisode 010 – Tracy Pitcox has been a radio personality since his teens, working a small-town radio station. Starting a classic country music fan club in the 80’s, he came in contact with celebrities, and others, who brought him memorabilia. This “stuff” eventually made Pitcox open the Heart of Texas Country Music Museum in Brady, Texas. Join us as we talk about the museum, country music, and telling a few stories about celebrities.

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Episode 009 – Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth DayEpisode 009 – Native Americans shaped both the history and the landscape of Texas. My guest this week, Elizabeth Day, is the founder of the Prickly Pear Living History Museum, a project to bring Native American history to an open air museum near San Antonio, Texas. Join us as she describes her personal journey in getting this project started.

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Episode 008 – Gabriel Nila

Gabriel NilaEpisode 008 – Gabriel Nila – We all hear stories of how some children in underdeveloped countries are getting a poor education, or that resources are extremely limited there. We don’t stop to think that this problem is happening right here in Texas. Join me with my guest Gabriel Nila, who is organizing parents to build better educational opportunities in the capital city of Austin.

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Episode 007 – Cassie Castillo

Cassie CastilloEpisode 007 – Cassie Castillo is young, has her whole life ahead of her. Like most kids her age, she goes off to college.  She gets an education in graphic design. Then, she makes a dramatic turn: she decides to go full-time as a volunteer assisting in disaster relief with FEMA Corps. When 43 people were killed in the Oso, WA, mudslide in March 2013, she was there assisting in the relief effort.