Shows resuming soon

While Voices of Texas has been on hiatus, I’ve been working to schedule new guests for another great round of shows.

Thank you for being a loyal follower of the show! Voices of Texas has proven to be the only Texas podcast that features real Texans with real stories to tell.

Now after over 4,500 downloads, from over 60 countries and 40 U.S. states, I’m working on making the show even bigger and even better.

If you’re new here, now is a great time to catch up past episodes. You can subscribe with iTunes here or with Stitcher on Android here.

If you have some suggestions for the show, or for a guest request, feel free to contact me by calling (325) 200-0109.


VOT to return this fall

VOT to return this fallVoices of Texas is scheduled to return  fall 2015 with more fascinating Texans with interesting stories!  Recording is beginning September 21, 2015, and we are kicking off the new season of episodes with the story of a historic theater in central Texas.

Voices of Texas is THE podcast about Texans.  Listen each episode for real Texans with real stories to tell.

Of course, many more guests are scheduled to be on the show this season.  If you know of an interesting Texan who would like to be on the show, please feel free to direct them to my booking calendar.

So glad to have you as a listener!  If you have not done so yet, please subscribe with your iOS “Podcasts” app or on Android with the “Stitcher” app, or any other podcast listening app you prefer.

Thank you!



VOT to return this fall