Episode 007 – Cassie Castillo

Cassie CastilloEpisode 007 – Cassie Castillo is young, has her whole life ahead of her. Like most kids her age, she goes off to college.  She gets an education in graphic design. Then, she makes a dramatic turn: she decides to go full-time as a volunteer assisting in disaster relief with FEMA Corps. When 43 people were killed in the Oso, WA, mudslide in March 2013, she was there assisting in the relief effort.


Episode 005 – April Samuels a.k.a. Crash Gordon

April SamuelsEpisode 005 – We are getting our rock on with my amazing guest April Samuels.  April plays drums in the band Metal Shop Dallas under the stage name Crash Gordon.  Join us as we talk about playing heavy metal in church, fighting breast cancer, and starting an amazing breast cancer charity that is backed by some of the most popular rockers of the 80’s.

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Episode 004 – Mike Zolkoski of Come and Take It

Colonel W G ButlerEpisode 004 – Joining me this week is Mike Zolkoski, one of the hosts of Come and Take It, a Texas history podcast. He tells us the story of a little-known Texan by the name of William G. Butler and how one man’s vendetta killed an entire town!

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Episode 001 – Rodney Blaukat

Rodney BlaukatIn episode one, I interview Rodney Blaukat, author of the book Rocket Science Made Easy.  Rodney moved to Texas a few years ago, and his take on how people over-complicate things is humorous, yet spot-on.

Listen in today to find out more about this must-have book and its interesting author.

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