Episode 021 – Texas Things

Texas ThingsEpisode 021 – Texas Things!

Sayings, expressions, mottos, and other Texas things that the non-Texan might not understand or think strange!

But that’s okay, because Texas is unique in a variety of ways.  Listen as I tell a few tales about certain uniquely Texas things.




Episode 019 – BBQ Snobbery with Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn

Daniel VaughnEpisode 019 – BBQ Snobbery with Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn

Daniel Vaughn started as a Dallas architect, but began blogging about one of his favorite pastimes, barbecue. A passion soon turned into a career when in 2013 he went to work for Texas Monthly as the nation’s first and only “Barbecue Editor”.

Traveling the Lone Star State, Vaughn reviews establishments on the quality of the food and the atmosphere.

Where is the best Texas barbecue? How does a barbecue editor stay healthy eating it all week long? What is the proper way to spell barbecue/barbeque/BBQ/Bar-B-Q/etc.?

Listen to this episode to find out more!

Daniel on Twitter @BBQSnob

Texas Monthly’s BBQ Site

VOT to return this fall

VOT to return this fallVoices of Texas is scheduled to return  fall 2015 with more fascinating Texans with interesting stories!  Recording is beginning September 21, 2015, and we are kicking off the new season of episodes with the story of a historic theater in central Texas.

Voices of Texas is THE podcast about Texans.  Listen each episode for real Texans with real stories to tell.

Of course, many more guests are scheduled to be on the show this season.  If you know of an interesting Texan who would like to be on the show, please feel free to direct them to my booking calendar.

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VOT to return this fall

Episode 015 – Lela Suttee

Lela SutteeEpisode 015 – Lela Suttee

Voices of Texas welcomes author Lela Suttee (Jackson), formerly of Brownwood, to the program! Lela’s first book is “If Houses Could Talk – Oh the Stories They Would Tell!”.  Join us as we talk about the book and growing up in the Lone Star State.

Lela’s Website

If Houses Could Talk

Episode 008 – Gabriel Nila

Gabriel NilaEpisode 008 – Gabriel Nila – We all hear stories of how some children in underdeveloped countries are getting a poor education, or that resources are extremely limited there. We don’t stop to think that this problem is happening right here in Texas. Join me with my guest Gabriel Nila, who is organizing parents to build better educational opportunities in the capital city of Austin.

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