Episode 020 – Texas Wines with Jeff Cope

Jeff CopeEpisode 020 – Texas Wines with Jeff Cope

This week, we are talking all about Texas wines. For some time, the only recognized wines in the US were California wines.

In recent years, however, that has changed dramatically. Texas wines are now consistently sought after all over the world, and they are coming into their own right as a top choice of wine lovers everywhere.

TXWineLover.com’s Jeff Cope is my guest this week to talk about this great Texas treasure.

Jeff’s Website www.TXWineLover.com

Jeff on Twitter @TXWineLover

Episode 018 – Interview With the Martian – Sonia Van Meter

Sonia Van MeterEpisode 018 – Interview With the Martian – Sonia Van Meter

This episode I welcome back Austin resident Sonia Van Meter, who was selected as one of the 100 finalists chosen for the Mars One mission – the one-way ticket to the Red Planet.

Sonia talks about getting chosen, dealing with many media appearances, and responding to the naysayers.

Also we talk about Andy Weir’s book and the subsequent Hollywood movie ‘The Martian’.  But, Sonia really wants to go to Mars – and stay there.

Listen now to this great episode. Also, look back to Episode 12 if you want to hear the first time we visited.

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Official Mars One Website

Episode 017 – Storytelling with Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth EllisEpisode 017 – Storytelling with Elizabeth Ellis

Who tell stories better than Texans? Not very many. But imagine a Texan who tells stories for a living.  Elizabeth Ellis is just that – a professional storyteller. She is an award-winning teller from Dallas and she shares with us how the art of storytelling can be a full-time career.

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Episode 014 – Brian Brushwood

Brian BrushwoodEpisode 014 – Brian Brushwood

A special Celebrity Edition of Voices of Texas, with my guest Brian Brushwood, internet & television personality. Brian hosts several podcasts and YouTube shows like Scam School, Weird Things, and Night Attack, in addition to hosting the television series Hacking the System on the National Geographic Channel. Join us for this very special Voices of Texas!

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Episode 013 – Ellory Wells

Ellory WellsEpisode 013 – Ellory Wells is a personal business coach who helps empower and equip entrepreneurs to take their offline expertise and turn it into a successful online business.
In 2009 he was laid off from a job. 5 years later he was fired from another one. Through these experiences he has learned a lot about building a successful business, the value of having a mastermind, and how to be successful.

Join us as we discuss the challenges of starting a new business.

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Episode 012 – Sonia Van Meter

Sonia Van MeterEpisode 012 – Sonia Van Meter – Who doesn’t dream of space travel? Setting foot on other worlds, exploring the deepest reaches of space… My guest this week is planning to just that. Sonia Van Meter is one of the finalists for the Mars One Project, a one-way ticket to the Red Planet in an effort to colonize there.  Join us as we talk about leaving the earth for good, and the human impact it has.

Mars One Project

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Episode 011 – David Werst

David and RamonaEpisode 011 – David Werst

I can’t say I’ve met anyone with more knowledge about Texas than David Werst.  A veteran of the newspaper business, David has been writing about Texas for decades. Enjoying time in Helotes, TX, now with his talented wife Ramona, David continues to entertain and educate about Texas on his blog, RealTexasBlog.com.  Join us as we tell a few stories about baseball rookies, and the difference between a taco and a burrito.

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