Episode 22: Drones in Public Service

Drones in Public Service with Garret BrylEpisode 022: Drones in Public Service

All too often these days, small unmanned aerial systems commonly referred to as drones, are getting a bad rap. Usually due to the actions of people with less than honorable intentions. My guest this week hopes to change that perception.

Garret Bryl is a software engineer from Joshua, Texas, just a short drive south of Fort Worth. Garret started flying drones a few years ago and soon realized that he could use these amazing machines to do something good.

Garret flies his drones primarily in public service – that is, assisting with search and rescue, firefighting, and person location. He and some of his fellow pilots have been instrumental in saving lives, protecting property, and even assisting in the capture of escaped convicts. Listen to Garret’s story now!

Garret’s Facebook Page

Garret’s YouTube Channel (A lot of great videos here)

News report on the Kastel rescue using a drone.